How to Find Recycle Bin on iPhone?

Recycle Bin on iPhone

Over time, iPhone usage tends to reflect on iPhone storage. In other words, the more we use our device, the more space it occupies and users seek to free it up. Many times perhaps deleting some things that you may later want to recover, but is this possible?

Recycle Bin on iPhone

Data loss

The loss of data on the iPhone could be considered as something very common in users. This happens as mentioned above with the intention of freeing up storage, or it can also be due to malware or errors made when jailbreaking or some other method that may harm this part of the device.

Although the iPhone does not have a recycle bin like the one we find on the Mac, there are some ways to recover deleted data and you can start using these tips for something unforeseen later.

Review and make backups

One of the guarantees that the user can recover data is the continuous habit of making backup copies. The information backup allows that from iCloud or the copy saved on the computer, files, and other important things can be kept available for recovery.

To carry out this process, simply connect the iPhone to the computer and start the backup in the iPhone Finder window, this takes only a few minutes.

In the case of iCloud, it is done from the iPhone in Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Backup in iCloud is activated. The time depends on the internet connection.

Backups also allow you to recover other files or system properties in case of emergency device restoration or information migration to a new iPhone. In case of data loss, check your backups in these sections and find out if it is what you are looking for.

Use iCloud

The iPhone has a storage service in the cloud called iCloud and that just for being a user offers 5 GB of free storage. This can be increased by purchasing one of the plans (with cost) that offer 50 GB, 200 GB, or 2 TB.

The Ultimate Recycling Bin Find

iCloud offers the user an alternative to being able to safely save files that are not essential to keep in the iPhone storage, but that can be accessible at any time. Thus, one of the functions that allow you to recover deleted data.

In the case of photo recovery, iCloud has an automated library that allows the uploading of images when they are saved on the iPhone reel. In addition, the user can access their images even if they are deleted from their iCloud account and also with the Photos app on Mac when synchronizing the photo library.

If you are looking for something, the iCloud service in the browser offers another possibility, to restore files available from the account. Maybe here is your solution.

  • Access iCloud web from your computer and sign in.
  • Enter Settings and select the Recover files option.
  • Down in the lower-left corner you will find a section called Advanced.
  • Choose the option you want and approve that the service shows the data available to recover.
  • Finally, check the box of all those files that you want to download.


Calling on iPhone

Finally, there are computer applications that allow access to the internal folders of the device to search for deleted files. Although the apps offer some functions for free, the recovery tool is available when you make the activation payment for the Pro version.

It is important to mention that this does not guarantee that you can find the desired file, so the first options are the most viable to be sure that you can recover deleted files.

In case you start to use iCloud to be able to recover your data later, we advise you to read this article to take care of and free up space on your Apple cloud.

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