How to Take Full-Page Screenshots on iPhone?

Full-Page Screenshots on iPhone

There is a function in iOS that allows us to take a screenshot to “Full Page”. That is a screenshot that not only shows the content that is displayed on the iPhone or iPad screen but also what is above or below, allowing all the content to be saved in the same image.

Full-Page Screenshots on iPhone

This feature available on iOS and iPadOS allows you to take full screen captures when you are viewing a web page, an email, or viewing a file. So it is compatible with Safari, Mail, and the Files app.

Taking a screenshot on the iPhone 12, and on the iPhone without a Home button, is done in a different way than the previous iPhone. And since some versions of iOS, we can take a full-screen capture of a web page, mail, or file.

How to take a screenshot of a complete website on the iPhone or iPad?

It is a more than interesting function, which also allows us to save the screenshot in PDF format, which you can share very easily. To take this full-screen capture, you must follow these steps.

screenshot of an entire webpage on iPhone

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to Safari, Mail, or Files.
  • Find the web page, email, or file you want to capture in full screen.
  • Take a normal screen capture, pressing the side button and the volume up or Home button at the same time.
  • Click on the preview that appears at the bottom left.
  • In the upper area, tap on Full Page.
  • Click on Ok and Save PDF in Files.

Before saving the PDF, you can make markup and hint at it by swiping through the screenshot, which can be really helpful. You can also select the place where you want to save the PDF of the full page capture you have made. Then from the Files app, you can locate it to share or save it.

It is one of those unknown functions of the Apple operating system that can solve daily problems, in addition to helping us to be more productive by being able to send a single capture instead of several. It is a native feature of both iOS and iPad.

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How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone or iPad?

delete duplicate photos on your iPhone

The iPhone has become our camera, for a vast majority of users, it is not necessary to buy another device, the iPhone camera is good enough most of the time. However, on many occasions the photos are duplicated, causing the internal storage to become saturated. But you should not worry, here is the solution to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone.

delete duplicate photos on your iPhone

Why are iPhone photos duplicated? Well, it can be for several reasons. They have sent you that photo several times, you accidentally took two identical photos, you have taken a screenshot of a photo and the harp comes out twice. There may be many reasons, but it is something that has an easy solution. We have two different ways to delete duplicate or repeated photos on our iPhone or iPad.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Your iPhone?

To delete the repeated photos we have two options, Apple does not have an official way to do it in the Photos app. Therefore we must do it manually, selecting the repeated photos and manually deleting them, or downloading an app that is responsible for finding the duplicate photos.

The classic method: manual

duplicate photos on iPhone

It is true that it is a form, tedious and boring. You must open the Photos application and go looking for the photos that are repeated to delete them. One tip is to go to Albums> Recent and at the top click on Select. Now check the photos that are duplicated on your iPhone or iPad and then click on the trash can.

App to delete repeated photos on iPhone

If you don’t want to follow the manual process, there is an app to delete duplicate photos from our iPhone or iPad in a much faster and easier way. The application itself is responsible for doing this search by itself, without us having to waste time. Its name is Remo Duplicate Photos Remover and it is one of those essential apps that it is always good to have downloaded.

How to use Remo Duplicate Photos Remover and delete repeated photos from your iCloud Photo Library on iPhone or iPad:

Erase iPhone Data

  • Download the Remo Duplicate app and open it on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on Allow access to all photos.
  • Now click on Scan.
  • The app will scan your photo library, the more photos you have, the longer it will take, you can exit the app while it scans.
  • When it’s done, you’ll see a list of duplicate photos from your library.
  • Select the ones you want to delete, and click on the trash can.
  • Confirm that you want to delete these photos.

It is a simple and simple app in its operation, an app designed to eliminate duplicate photos. If you want something more complete, that also eliminates blurry photos, similar photos, or screenshots, we recommend Gemini Photos, a more complete and somewhat more complex app.

By deleting duplicate photos you can gain some extra storage on the iPhone, something that always comes in handy. Hopefully in future versions of iOS Apple will implement a way to delete duplicate photos natively on the system.

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